A touch of the button

Hi everyone I thought I would share with you some reasons why I like taking photos and tips to help you take a better photograph📷

One of the reasons why I love to take photos would most definitely be that you’ll always have that pretty moment of the image that you took to treasure and to be proud of. When I see something so beautiful or interesting I would always take a picture and that’s because when something is just so beautiful I like to share it with people, not only just other people but for myself for example if it’s family or friends and you capture an exceptional moment you’ll always be able to look back on that picture or…. quite a sad reason but if you have a lost a loved one you’ll always be able to remember their smile or what they look like and I think that has got to be one of the best reasons, so take the photo and keep onto it for you never know it could be all you have one day. For me though it isn’t just people that I enjoy taking photos of, it is also animals/pets, nature, the sky(sunsets) and to be honest with you anything in everyday life. I mean you could even make a leaf look pretty in a picture. (This is one of my photos, using a canon 700d)

If you would to see more of my photography please Click here

Taking photos just genuinely makes me happy, when I’m out on my travels gathering photos from the outside world i can just be myself I have no worries…ever… I plug in my music and tune out from the rest of the world.

Now for some photography tips!

⁃ First things first you will need a decent camera, or even a phone I’ve seen that the newest iPhone takes quality photos but for the camera I’m using a canon 700d and I think it’s great definitely for a beginner or someone who just wants to take photos as a hobby/personal use.

⁃ Know all your buttons on your device/camera. For example if I wanted to take a picture of a person I would most likely turn the dial to portrait, or close up depends on the type of picture you want they are moreless the same but every icon is different even in the slightest way. Or if I wanted a view picture like maybe the land in front of me, I would turn the dial to landscape. And the different icons on the dial all have different outcomes in your picture, that’s why we need to know what they do otherwise if we use the wrong icon for the wrong type of photo we want to take the results of the picture might not be so great.

⁃ Purchase a tripod, it will give better focus/quality to your photo’s where as if you were to hold your camera it may be blurry, take forever to focus or not focus at all especially if your like me and have a very shakey hand! Also if you wanted to take a photo maybe higher up or down low and you can’t quite get there then a tripod will definitely help you.

⁃ Charge your batteries, now I know that isn’t really a tip for taking better photo’s but you can’t take pictures if your batteries are dead 🙂 even if they are half charged, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

⁃ Shoot with your mind, be aware in the beauty around you, anything you take could lead into a great photo even if you don’t think so at the time with a bit of photoshop or an effect or even a change of mind any photograph could possibly look great! Or instead actually use the term “shoot with your mind” look around you and stop to see what’s within your existence really try to focus and you’ll just know what to take a photo of and what would look great on the camera.

⁃ For beautifully promising photos shoot when the sun is rising or setting, you will always get the most out standing results. If you really like previous photos you’ve taken or the place you went to, go again! but when you go to the same place more than once, try different times of the year/day for there won’t be the same outcome.

⁃ The last thing I want to say is, enjoy taking photos! Photography really is great thing to be able to freeze time into a picture 🙂 I feel like if you don’t enjoy taking photos they won’t be the best they could’ve been if your heart was really in it.

Thank you so much for reading let me know what you think of my blog so far and if you think you’ll carrying on reading in the future.


Millie x

Getting into the Christmas spirit🎄

Hello everyone👋🏼

I’m new to blogging and tbh I’ve never actually done anything like this before, but it does interests me and I thought I would try it out.

Now it’s like what 14 sleeps till Christmas? Yes I’m an adult and I still count down the days I mean who doesn’t…. it’s Christmas and it only comes once year and maybe it’s the one of time of year that all of your family are together? Opening presents, eating a big roast dinner, being with our loved ones, staying up late and watching the tv Christmas specials what more could you want?

So this is what gets me into the Christmas spirit!!🎄🎄

•Well the first thing has to be films! But tbh with you I actually start watching Christmas films in November I just get to excited for the season🤩 so the first film I suggest you have to watch is THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES

It is a new film this year, but absolutely amazing. It really isn’t like any usual Christmas films! I promise I won’t say anything to spoil it, all I can say is you have to watch it 🙂

•the second films I’m going to suggest to guys is actually a must watch! It is an all time favourite for me❤️ so there’s this little girl and her mum just them too andddd her mum has this boring boyfriend who I think she doesn’t actually really like that much but anyway. The mothers dad who disappeared when her mum died appeared one day and said he would stay for Christmas but she didn’t believe and tbh I don’t believe him either. Now I’m going to stop there but I don’t wanna ruin the film for you guys, have you had a good guess yet what it could be?🎥

It’s honestly such I great film you guys should watch it❤️

Now for this two I really don’t have to say anything because if you haven’t watched them then your just not right and I’m guessing your not a Christmassy person

So, for the second most Christmassy thing has to be decorating your outside house or your bedroom or if you super into Christmas your whole house!🎄💫

I’ve bought this cosy duvet set from Asda

The star sheets are like this nice warm cosy cotton, and tbh I’m not sure if can suggest you guys buy these items I mean if you wanna never get out of bed again from the comfyness then be my guest cos I struggle to leave them😩.

But decorations isn’t just the duvet it’s about the actual Christmas decor to like the Christmas tree and hanging items. Here’s so pictures of my decorations📷📱

After that if your still not feeling Christmassy then you must turn the radio on or go on to YouTube and start putting on Christmas songs!🎼

Mariah Carey – All I want for Christmas is you.


Justin bieber – Mistletoe


WHAM!- Last Christmas


Kelly Clarkson- Underneath the tree


The Ronettes- I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/i-saw-mommy-kissing-santa-claus/1050244126?i=1050244425

And many more I could probably go on forever. You have to be in the Christmas spirit now! I have to be honest I was signing them whilst typing it out🎤

The last thing I do is wait for all the Christmas adverts, usually John Lewis but this year I’m loving the Sainsbury’s advert it was the plug that had me🤣

This is usually everything that gets me into the Christmas spirit, but if you have a different way then please let me know as I would love to try theme

Thankyou so much for reading I hope it wasn’t to bad, I do plan to continue on blogging and I do hope that you guys continue on reading my blog


Millie x